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Annual Maintenance Plan Details 

Now that you have your Dusk to Dawn outdoor lighting in place, your home or business feels more inviting and safe and we want to make sure it stays that way. Though our LED lights last up to 30,000 hours, there will be times when you need a fixture moved, straightened, or fixed.

After your new lighting system’s one-year installation warranty is complete, our Annual Maintenance Program technicians give your entire system a thorough performance check. We adjust and clean fixtures and lenses, repair any damage, inspect and replace any faulty LEDs, and check transformers and timers.

We honor the warranties of fixtures and LEDs we installed. If they are defective or burn out before their time, we will replace those free of charge.

With our Maintenance Program, you simply sign up and we contact you to let you know when we’ll be there. If your transformer is outside, you don’t have to be home or pay at the time, that is taken care of at the time of scheduling. If your transformer is indoors, we will schedule our visit for a time you are home.

And, of course, being a valued customer and Maintenance Program plan holder, you will be top priority throughout the year if you should need anything serviced.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today! 314-529-0090

Lamp Maintenance & Replacement

  • Though our LED lights last up to 30,000 hours, occasionally one will burn out and need replacing. Those under warranty are replaced at no charge. If other types like halogen or incandescent burn out, we will replace those with LEDs for a fee.

  • Lamp sockets will be lubricated annually or with every bulb/lamb replacement.

  • Lubricate seals with every lamp replacement.


Fixture Maintenance

  • Fixture maintenance includes first removing lens caps then blowing the bugs and debris out of the lamp and socket housing with compressed air.

  • Lenses are cleaned, repositioned, and/or re-aimed. As plant material grows, it will become necessary to reposition and re-aim the fixture in order to maintain its function.

  • All fixtures are cleaned.

  • Up-light fixture lenses will become “frosted” over time if subjected to a continuous flow of irrigation water. These will be cleaned and sprayed with a protectant to help ward off the cloudiness.

  • Broken or damaged stakes and mounting options we be repaired or replaced for a fee.

  • All path lights will be straightened. (Crooked path light fixtures are a visual annoyance).


Transformer Maintenance

  • Transformer cabinet is freed of all bugs and debris.

  • Common and Voltage Tap Lug is tightened.

  • Amperage is checked on each Common Lug. (maximum amperage = 25 amps/per common)

  • We check all switching mechanisms and adjust timers, if necessary.


Socket Maintenance

  • Removal of bugs and debris.

  • Lamp sockets: lubricated annually or with every bulb/lamb replacement.

  • Lubricate seals with every lamp replacement.

  • Check for corrosion and application of corrosion prevention sealer to all sockets.

  • If socket shows advanced signs of corrosion, it may be necessary to re-socket the fixture.


Electrical Maintenance

  • Check and test all GFCI receptacles, receptacle cover plates.

  • Check all visible electrical connections, J-Boxes, switches, etc.

  • Repair cut or nicked lines (additional fee).


Cable and Connections

  • Inspection of all exposed cable for nicks and wear. We repair or replace for additional fee.

  • We closely inspect cable and cable ties in trees for girdling. We replace as needed. Parts not under warranty will incur an additional fee.

  • Inspection of exposed cables for animal damage. Squirrels, rabbits and other creatures tend to chew on cable like licorice! Repair parts are an additional fee.

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